Returns: Seeds are “live” organisms that are constantly aging and will eventually die.  For the protection of all our customers, we cannot resell seed that has been returned.  Once seed leaves our warehouse, we have no control over the conditions those seeds are stored or shipped under. Seed viability is very dependent on proper storage conditions and handling.  We strive to store our seeds under optimal conditions (50 degrees, 35-40% humidity).  We test every lot of seed twice a year with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association to ensure that your seed will germinate and remain viable as long as it is stored correctly. We do not sell seed that does not meet the Federal standards.

Seed is non-returnable except with pre-approved authorization. No refunds will be issued on shipping charges for returned products.  We will accept returns and offer full credit for items proven not true to type or mislabeled. There will be a restocking fee of 20% on all returned orders. All authorized returns must be in their original, unopened package.

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