Frequently Asked Questions




Are your seeds non-GMO?

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism”.  We do not knowingly carry seeds that have been genetically modified in a laboratory.

Are hybrids genetically modified (GM)?

A hybrid is a naturally, cultivated plant variety created through selective breeding and hand pollination. It is created by cross-pollinating two different, but related, plants over 6 to 10 plant generations.  A hybrid that is created by reaching the desired traits in one generation is classified as an F1 variety.  Because their breeding is controlled, one cannot save seeds from hybrids and expect the same fruit the next season/generation.

Unlike hybrids, GMO’s are not created using natural methods.  This breeding is not done in a garden or greenhouse, but rather in laboratories using gene-splicing technology.  It’s the combination of DNA of species that are impossible to breed naturally.  It’s like combining a dog with a tomato…it can’t happen! In agriculture, genetically engineered crops are created for the purpose of having traits such as pest resistance, herbicide resistance, or increased nutritional value.  The problem is that nobody knows how these unnatural new organisms will behave over time.

What does M stand for?

M is the Roman numeral abbreviation for one thousand (1000). 1M = 1000 seeds.

I need more information about a product.

Please feel free to contact our office via the “Contact Us” link or email us at:

Do you sell plant starts, onion sets, potatoes, or tubers?


Where do your seeds come from?

Most of the seeds we sell are grown on contract farms. We carefully choose growers who have high quality standards like our own; those who provide seed with superior germination, non-GMO, untreated, and free of noxious weeds.  Every year, on our farm, we grow out selected crops to produce stock seed that we can check for quality and purity. This seed is then sent to our contracted farmers to produce larger amounts that we use for order fulfillment.

What organic standards do you follow?

Our organic seeds are certified by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association) to comply with the USDA National Organic Standards.

Do you sell heirloom varieties?

We carry many heirloom varieties, meaning seeds that have been passed down through generations, often within families or communities.

Why are some seeds sold by weight and some by seed count?

Sales by seed count is becoming more of an industry standard.  While we have always documented our products by “estimated seeds per gram.” This figure can fluctuate significantly depending on the moisture content or harvest year.  Ultimately, anyone who is garden planning has a target number of plants they want to produce therefore sales by seed count is more accurate for planning purposes.  Seed of higher value is always by seed count – this is important because you know exactly the quantity you are paying for.  We have a seed count machine at our facility that is used for order fulfillment.  The machine has a separate calibration for each variety to ensure accuracy.


How can you guarantee that seeds are virus-free?

Our virus tested seeds are tested by independent labs that are accredited by the National Seed Health System.  As demand grows, we will expand our Virus Tested offerings.  Testing costs are currently $600-$700 per seed lot, so we need to make sure demand justifies the cost of testing. The testing cost is built into the price of the seed. Lab certificates can be supplied upon request.

Tomatoes and Peppers carry seed-borne viruses that can be detrimental to greenhouses and gardens.  Likewise, many of these viruses can live in the soil for many years.  Our quality standards with our growers have given us many varieties to offer that have lab tested free of the most common diseases.

Our peppers are tested for: Bacterial Spot (Xcv), Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV), Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV), Tomato Mottled Mosaic Virus (ToMMV), and Pepper Mild Mottle Virus (PMMoV).

Our tomatoes are tested for: Bacterial Spot (Xcv), Bacterial Speck (Pst), Bacterial Canker (Cmm), Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV), Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV), Tomato Mottled Mosaic Virus (ToMMV), Pepper Mild Mottled and Mosaic Virus (PMMoV) and Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV).

Of course, we cannot guarantee your plants will be entirely free of viruses.  We can only provide certificates that state a sample of a particular variety was tested in a lab and found to be free of the viruses tested for.


Do you donate seeds to non-profits or charities?

If you are a non-profit or charity interested in seed donations, please contact our office.

Can I visit your farm?

Visits by appointment only, please.

Do you have a retail store?

We do not have retail store.

How do you store seeds?

Our seed storage is a totally underground, climate-controlled facility held at 50 degrees F/10 degrees C and 30-40% humidity to ensure long life and steady quality of the seed.  The majority of our seeds are stored in air-tight buckets.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however, different countries have different regulations depending on the type of seed. All seeds may not be able to be sent to all areas. International customers are responsible for knowing restrictions for importing seeds to your country; A.P. Whaley WILL NOT be responsible for any seed seized or destroyed by customs.  International customers will also incur the costs of required import documents, testing costs, and taxes/duties.  Please submit a request of desired items and quantity and we will return with a cost estimate.  Invoices may require full payment prior to shipment.

What is your return policy?

Seeds are “live” organisms that are constantly aging and will eventually die.  For the protection of all our customers, we cannot resell seed that has been returned.  Once seed leaves our warehouse, we have no control over the conditions those seeds are stored or shipped under. Seed viability is very dependent on proper storage conditions and handling.

Seed is non-returnable except with pre-approved authorization. No refunds will be issued on shipping charges for returned products.  We will accept returns and offer full credit for items proven not true to type or mislabeled. There will be a restocking fee of 20% on all returned orders. All authorized returns must be in their original, unopened package.

There was an error in my order. How can I get this corrected?

Please contact our office and we will amend your invoice, reship items, or make other corrections as necessary.

Can I change an order after I’ve submitted it?

Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make changes before the order ships.

If an item is out of stock, when will you have it available again?

Usually an out of stock item will only be available again after the next growing season. Most warehouse items are replenished in December. If you have a question about a specific item and it doesn’t state an ETA on our website, please contact our office.

Can I backorder items?

If an item is set as a backorder, our website will not allow orders of that item.  There are times when an item goes out of stock before we can adjust the setting on the website.  In the event an order is placed and cannot be filled, a refund will be issued, unless we know the item will be back in stock within 2 weeks, then we will backorder and ship as soon as the item is back in stock.

Can I receive a shipment tomorrow?

If you need an expedited shipment, please contact us as early as possible. Overnight shipments may only be possible through certain carriers. Two-day and three-day shipping is also available.

I am unable to order on your website.

You may place a phone order by calling 608-437-9081. Please have a credit card number ready.

How are items shipped?

The majority of our orders are shipped via USPS.  Packages under 13 oz are shipped via USPS First Class Mail with tracking, packages over 13 oz are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Heavier packages may be also quoted thru UPS or FedEx, and sent that method if it is cheaper. If you have a preferred shipping method, please let us know when you place your order and we will attempt to send it that way.

Customers will receive automated shipping notification and tracking information from our system.  If a customer registers for an account they will be able to login for order history and status.

Can I get a discount?

The quantity discounts are reflected on the website.  If you require a quantity larger than what is shown, you may contact our office to see if a larger quantity discount is offered.

How do I get a catalog?

We do not have a consumer catalog.  Wholesale customers can register for a wholesale account and will be mailed a copy of our current wholesale catalog upon approval.

Limitation of liability

We have no control over the environment in which seed is stored after it leaves our warehouse.  We strive to store our seeds under optimal conditions; the majority of our seeds are stored in airtight buckets and our seed storage room is a constant, controlled 50 degrees temperature and 30-40% humidity.  Our items are germination tested every 6 months and each package is marked with the most current test results.  In the unlikely event you experience dropped germination and express concern, we will evaluate the situation but may require you to provide testing results from an accredited lab.  APW will not honor in-house lab results when seeking resolution to a germination issue.

The sole remedy for loss or damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the seed.  Under no circumstances will A.P. Whaley, LLC be liable for consequential damages.  All claims must be submitted to A.P. Whaley, LLC in writing no more than 30 days from the date of purchase.


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