History of the White Park Cattle Breed • The ancestors of the White Park cattle are thought to have roamed the forests of the British Isles before the birth of Christ. The term “Park” was added to the breed name when the great estates were fenced, or emparked in the 13th and 14th centuries. White Park cattle first came to the United States just prior to the outbreak of World War II. Fearing a possible Nazi invasion, a small herd was shipped first to the Toronto Zoo, then to the Bronx Zoo and finally to the King Ranch in Texas. In the early 1980’s the entire herd was sold to the Moeckly family in Polk City, Iowa. From there some animals were sold to Seed Savers Exchange in Iowa and to The B Bar Ranch in Montana. In addition to the herds at Seed Savers Exchange, The B Bar Ranch and our Wisconsin farm, several other small herds now exist in Nebraska and Virginia. Estimates of the worldwide population are around 1,200.

Breed Characteristics • The White Park breed is fairly large–cows average 1,300 pounds at maturity and the bulls can exceed 2,000 pounds.

The breed is extremely adaptable to all sorts of weather conditions, requires minimal veterinarian care, are easy calvers and aggressive grazers. White Parks are very well suited for organic, grass fed operations. The breed does tend to take longer to reach maturity. Steers are typically butchered at 30 months of age.
Animals for Sale • If you are interested in purchasing breeding stock or bulls, please contact our office for details. We have steers, registered heifers and registered pregnant cows for sale.
Beef for Sale • We have half or full sides of beef in stock, cost is $8.50/lb, fully processed and vacuum packed ready for farm pick up or delivery. Full sides typically weight 300 pounds once they are dry aged-but this weight can vary. Once this side is processed and packaged, you normally end up with around 150 pounds of boneless beef. If you are interested in half or full sides of beef, please contact our office.

For our full price list, please download our Individual Cuts List.

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