Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry

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Once they were a very common home garden crop, but recently ground cherries have become increasingly hard to find.  Grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch since the 1830’s.  This Polish variety is the best tasting strain available.  Excellent citrus flavor, can be used for making jams or preserves, pies, sauces, or just for fresh eating as a snack or in salads.  Bushy plants grow 24″ tall and are extremely productive.  Fruits are encased in a paper-like husk and will store 3-4  weeks under cool & dry conditions.  75-90 days from transplant.

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Seed Type

Certified Organic

Latin Name:

Physalis pruinosa


7-14 days


70-90 days from transplant

Ripe Color

Golden yellow


Full Sun

Planting Method:

Transplanting recommended. Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before last frost. Set out when all danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed.

Planting Depth:



Space 12-18" apart in rows 36" apart.

Seed Count

+/- 43,700 per ounce; 700,525 per pound

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All seed labeled as Certified Organic is certified for A.P. Whaley LLC by MOSA.


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  1. A.P. Whaley Staff

    The best reason to have ground cherries is to have a sweet snack right in your garden. Here in the north, there are very few fruits that you can enjoy for a long period of time. Once ground cherries start producing, they continue to.
    They really are best fresh. I’ve made preserves but they lose some of their fresh citrus flavor when cooked. However, the plants are so productive that it’s not hard to gather enough to cook with, if you want to.

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