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A. P. Whaley Seed Company has joined forces with SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables LLC to custom produce and distribute premium quality seed for a full range of new tomato varieties bred through our participatory plant breeding program.  Our goal is to make beautiful, unusual, and flavorful varieties widely available to home gardeners in North America and the rest of the world.

SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables, LLC is a unique collaboration between Tim Wada of Plug Connection, Inc., John Bagnasco of GardenLife, Inc., and Alice Doyle of Log House Plants. The three companies combine horticultural skills,vision, and innovation to make the best possible plants available to home gardeners. SuperNaturals offers Mighty 'Mato and Mighty Veggie grafted vegetables, the first national US brand of grafted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and more.  To purchase the same disease-resistant rootstock used by SuperNaturals please visit our Root Stock section online.  You can also view a recent article "Grafted Tomatoes Become Super Producers" in USA TODAY about the grafting industry and what industry leaders are saying about their experiences with grafted plants.

SuperNaturals' mission is to bring outstanding independent hybridizers' new cultivars to market while preserving the flavor and traditions of the much-loved heirloom varieties. We recognizing the importance of working closely with breeders to identify a clear direction in the research process and anticipate introducing many new varieties through our joint cooperations.






A. P. Whaley Seed Company is the premier source for these exciting new categories of tomatoes:

ARTISAN™ SEEDS LLC  is the genetics and breeding venture of Baia Nicchia Farm located in Sunol, California.  Baia Nicchia licenses and distributes unique new Artisan Tomatoes™ developed on the farm. Artisan Seeds collaborates extensively with A. P. Whaley Seed Company to distribute Artisan Tomatoes™.  A portion of all sales goes back to Artisan Seeds to support this ongoing program. 

INDIGO TOMATOES  This new class of  open-pollinated and hybrid tomatoes have incredible taste and include high levels of anthocyanins, which produce a deep indigo color in the skin of tomatoes.  These varieties were developed through traditional breeding, and draw their color from wild tomatoes found in the Galapagos Islands and Peru. They are sure to attract attention with their unique coloring patterns and keep customers returning with their sweet and aromatic flavors. 

WILD BOAR TOMATOES  Brad Gates is a small organic farmer and professional tomato breeder. Brad has bred several dozen new tomatoes in Northern California’s Solano County, hand picking his varieties based on flavor from over 1,000 heirlooms, crosses and hybrids.  These varieties perform exceptionally well for  home and market gardeners - even in the challenging climates around Oakland and Berkeley. Top Bay Area Chefs have raved about his exotic tomato varieties for many years and now we are looking forward to introducing these great new varieties to a much larger audience.


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