Cream of the Crop – Raspberry Drop F1

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Large dark pink cherry/grape (15-20 grams).  Fruit mature moderately early on an indeterminate vine.  This was the consensus flavor winner in our multiple tasting panels this August.  Well suited for market production in both open field and protected cultures.  Indeterminate, 75 days from transplant.

Multiple Pest Resistances (MPR) to:  ToMV:HR, TYLCV:IR, TSWV:IR, Fusarium Wilt Races 1&2:HR, Verticilium Wilt Va/Vd:HR, Leaf Mold A-E: HR.

Additional information

Seed Type

Conventional-Virus Tested

Multiple Pest Resistance

Fusarium Wilt Races 1&2:HR
Verticilium Wilt Va/Vd: HR

Latin Name:

Solanum lycopersicum


7-14 days


75 days from transplant

Support Needed

Cage, stake, or trellis


Full Sun

Planting Method

Transplanting recommended. Start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Set out when all danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed.

Planting Depth:



Space plants 24" apart in rows 3-4 feet apart.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A.P. Whaley Seed Company is committed to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality seeds: those free of GMOs, noxious weeds and other invasive species, and produced by growers that are supportive of sustainable agricultural practices.  Limitation of Liability:  The sole remedy for loss or damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the seed.  Shipping charges are not refundable. Under no circumstances will A. P. Whaley LLC be liable for consequential damages.  All claims must be submitted to A. P. Whaley LLC in writing no more than 30 days from the date of purchase.

Wholesale Customers

For wholesale pricing and availability, please contact our office at (608) 437-9081.

Virus Testing

Our Virus Tested seeds are tested by independent labs accredited by the National Seed Health System.  As demand grows we will expand our Virus Tested offerings.  Lab certificates can be supplied upon request. 

We are testing for the following viruses and bacteria that can cause devastating losses and rapidly spread in greenhouse and commercial production environments:


√ Bacterial Spot (Xcv)-10,000 seeds

√ Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)-3,000 seeds

√ Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV)-3,000 seeds

√ Pepper Mild Mottled Mosaic Virus (PMMoV)-3,000 seeds

        √ Tomato Brown Fruit Rugose Virus (ToBFRV)-3,000 seeds


√ Bacterial Spot (Xcv)-10,000 seeds

√ Bacterial Speck (Pst)-10,000 seeds

√ Bacterial Canker (Cmm)-10,000 seeds

√ Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)-3,000 seeds

√ Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV)-3,000 seeds

√ Tomato Mottled Mosaic Virus (ToMMV)-3,000 seeds

√ Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV)-2,000 seeds

        √ Tomato Brown Fruit Rugose Virus (ToBFRV)-3,000 seeds

Cream of the Crop Tomatoes is a joint project between A.P. Whaley Seed Company and Frogsleap Farm. The goal is to develop new lines of tomatoes with superior fruit quality, X-tended Shelf Life (XSL), and multiple-disease resistance. Our Flavor First strategy assures that our products also have exceptional taste. We will be offering all sizes and colors, many with stripes and/or unusual combinations of skin and flesh coloration.

This traditional breeding program started a decade ago with about a dozen heirloom types and a few newer varieties with striped fruit. The first-generation breeding lines were crossed to select new commercial hybrids to improve plant health, fruit quality, shelf life and disease resistance. We are now using marker-assisted selection to facilitate introgression of multiple disease resistant genes into existing breeding lines that have exceptional flavor.

We feel these new tomatoes will be especially valuable to home gardeners, small/medium sized open field commercial producers targeting value-added markets, and small to large scale high tunnel/greenhouse producers.  We will strive to develop products ideally adapted for each of these markets.

Most of the products released by Cream of the Crop Tomatoes will be F1 hybrids.  We will be able to stack multiple disease resistances, all the while selecting primarily for the best flavors, sizes and colors.

See our Facebook page for up-to-the-date information about the tomato breeding process!

1 review for Cream of the Crop – Raspberry Drop F1

  1. Frederika (verified owner)

    I love love love this tomato! It’s been fruiting steadily for 5 months, and it’s only getting more productive and sweeter all the time. This last month, it seems to have switched its focus to fruit production almost exclusively, since the plants don’t seem to be getting much bigger (they’d gotten big enough–I topped them out at 7 feet on a Florida weave-type support, and they’d have kept going if they could), but they’re setting way more fruit than they were before. Excellent sweet flavor; very good post-harvest handling and storage. They do crack when given too much water all at once, but that’s easily solved by picking them earlier–they ripen just as well off the vine. As advertised, entirely resistant to TYLCV, which is a problem in Hawai‘i; they also weren’t affected by spider mites, which had taken over several tomatoes in the screen house, or aphids, which were all over the cucumbers right next to them, or any sort of fungus or mold, despite the fact that they’re growing very thickly intertwined. I’ll never be without them! I only wish the seeds could be saved.

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